About Me

Sally Cranfield

Hi, I am Sally, American originally from Seattle Washington, USA now residing in Chichester, West Sussex. I specialize in Sports & Remedial massage therapy, and Pilates combined fitness wellbeing.

I feel the gratification assisting my clientele feel the ease of joint mobility, re-energized to compete in sporting events, physical trade or accomplish basic daily tasks. By improving your joint mobility, posture and inner core body strength. This enables you to feel refreshed, physically and mentally stronger, able focused throughout our daily routine and specialized events.

I have been fortunate to have travelled and worked in a few wonderful places in the world; Seattle, Washington, Nevis, St Lucia in the Caribbean, Chichester, West Sussex and Sydney, Australia, Leeds and now return to Chichester, West Sussex.
I had a variety of clientele from serious sports enthusiasts, body builders, marathon runners, Sydney football club to sedentary office workers from long-retired people to youth in their prime and from those who have learning, or physical disabilities with long term medical conditions and who were going through bereavement in the family and in need of a pick-me up.

Learned as a teenager you cannot take your health or life for granted having three siblings with, Pompey disease a type of muscular Dystrophy. How a disease can slowly deteriorate your body to fracture your mind. Through watching and listening to them, like a few of clients are challenged daily but demonstrate the importance of discipline incorporating some type of exercise movement whilst trying to maintain positive outlook or distraction involved with a hobby. This helps our mind to maintain some level of optimism, inner strength and happiness.

A love of the outdoors cycling and walking with my husband, children and friends in the fresh air. For me to enjoy it without big struggle or injuring myself is such a blessing. My routine includes what I practice on a regular basis, pilates, gym fitness and swimming sessions plus sports massage every 3 weeks and a monthly reflexology in London with Valerie, Reflexology Room. Plus attending St Georges Anglican church weekly, a lovely, caring church in my community. This keeps the holistic circle balanced, refreshed connected, focused, and being at peace.

Education Background

I have been in the health and fitness industry most my life in some form. I did my final University Degree studies at Seattle Pacific University, Seattle,which I graduated in 1991 with a Bachelor of Social Arts Degree,
(Major in Physical Education and Minor in Health). Then I joined the US Government, Overseas Peace Corps Volunteer in the Caribbean. Initially a two year contract however I stayed longer after meeting my English husband and children. Continued to teaching physical education, personal training and swim/teaching and coaching for another six years.

Return to the UK in 2000 after years understanding the benefits I have receive from massage therapy and pilates as a preventative measure of injuries, and as a management tool both physically and mentally. 2008, I retrain until I was qualified to as a Clinical Sports Massage Therapist and Mat Pilates Instructor.
Qualified in the following;

Level 3 in Swedish and Indian Head Massage Therapy,VTCT,
2009 BETEC Diploma, Level 5 in Clinical Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy, London Institute, School of Sports and Remedial Massage Institute,
2009Level 2 and 3 Gym Instructor/Personal Trainer, FITT, CYQ
2010 Mat pilates through FITT Uk, CYQ,
2012 Beginners Mat, Studio Pilates, Sydney Australia
2013 - 2014, Mat Pilates Polestar International Sydney 2014.
The studying never stops, I continue to enroll onto continual professional development courses related to pilates and sports massage. This assists me to carry on with a holistic approach and puts another tool in my tool box to locate the causes of restriction and create more movement with a longer and lasting result.