Mobile Sports and Remedial Massage

Sports and Remedial Massage Treatments

Why should you try clinical sports massage treatment?

  • Aims to improve joint range of movement and posture alignment
  • Aims to shorten recovery from physical competition, events, continual manual labour and training.
  • Relieves muscle dull aches and pains,
  • Improves circulation and reduction of swelling and scar tissue developed from post- surgery.
  • Re-energises and prepares the body and mind for your daily routines and training sessions.

What is clinical Sports and Remedial Massage treatment ?

The treatment involves a pre-assessment procedure and involves a variety of massage and myofascial techniques (soft tissue release, myofascial release), neuromuscular technique (NMT), type of trigger point therapy, muscle energy technique (MET), a neural stretching.

Pre-assessment; may include standing, sitting and/or lying down. You may be asked to move limbs or joints, upper body or lower body depending what the issue trying to diagnose is. Where the pain is coming from, what movement causes the discomfort and at what degree of movement creates it? Is it a soft tissue injury and to what degree or is it fascial restriction at that point or actually from the opposing side.

What is Fascia?

You might ask what is fascia? Fascia is connective, soft tissue made of collagen that surrounds and separates all muscle spindles, nerves, bones, tendons, ligaments and organs throughout the body. This is from the head to our feet. Which is why have heard everything is linked, therefore you cannot just work on the point of pain but find where the restriction lies. If the body has not been moving well, due to injury, illness or daily routine of sitting. Our tissue can become like wallpaper and stick together causing neural tension by tissue compression and shortening.

Adding movement of remedial exercises and stretches
One must also be mindful how we hold ourselves sitting, standing and for how long. Posture and joint movement is very important, however if you know have an tendency to have pore posture you want to counter balance it with regular sports massage treatment and incorporate the remedial exercises/stretches, pilates into our daily or weekly routine. You will see and feel an improvement of movement and less discomfort. All this combined with intake of water on a regular basis aims to improve joint movement and minimize shortness in our fascia. This may help with your energy in your daily activities and performance.